We’re back and ready to go…

We’ve returned from our annual holiday and all our staff are feeling refreshed and reinvigorated…apart from Mike, who had an extra couple of days off to attend a stag do in a sophisticated and beautiful European city.  We’re all sure that Mike acted with the style and panache that such an environment deserves.

Although there has been a slight backlog caused by our week away, for which we offer our sincere apologies, we are now catching up and will have all remaining bean bag orders dispatched today.  That includes all orders for faux leather bean bags, genuine leather bean bags and outdoor bean bags and top-up bags of bead.

We will have plenty of updates in the coming days of our expanding range of leather bean bags, as well as forthcoming plans to add new pieces of funky, designer lounge furniture to the website to accompany the existing Barcelona Chair (available in real leather for just £349 including delivery).

The summer is still trying to hang on by giving us some fantastic early Autumn sunshine, but even if it is a little late in the year for barbeques, our outdoor canvas bean bags are also fantastic in the home, especially in kids’ bedroom where their water-resistant material is protected against spills.  They are currently on end-of-summer sale at just £69 including delivery, so snap one up today and, as well as being great inside, you’ll be prepared for the outside next spring!

Thanks for reading and please keep checking back for further updates.

Kind regards

Cozibag Bean Bags

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