Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen uses Cozibag Bean Bags

We are delighted to announce that we have been approached by TV interior design guru Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen and his team to supply bean bags for his forthcoming ‘style bible’ book, which is due to go on sale next year.

Lawrence initially took a Chair bean bag and a Slump bean bag, both in Everlast Faux Leather, and was so impressed that he asked his team to get a couple more.  He noted that the quality of the faux leather was excellent and the workmanship exemplary.

We are proud of the materials we use at Cozibag because we don’t try to cut corners by finding cheaper alternatives.  In fact, we were recently offered a newer style material by our supplier, which was cheaper than we usually use, but with a slightly thinner cotton base.  As it wasn’t quite as thick as the usual stuff it lost a little bit of strength and weight, which we felt just didn’t feel right.  Although we could quite easily have sold this new material and saved some money, we decided to stick to the original, more expensive, stuff as we’re just not comfortable offering lower-grade products – we will always stick to our high-quality values.

In over 4 years of selling Everlast Faux Leather Bean Bags, we have had only two products that have needed replacing due to slight stitching faults (which, of course, we did immediately and without fuss).  We are very proud of that.

There will be more news on the publication of Lawrence’s book in the coming months.

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Cozibag Bean Bags

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